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Investments and funds

Your adviser and our investment expertise

Financial advisers have a large range of skills and expertise to offer. They continually work to extend their knowledge in topics as diverse as local and international taxation, regulation, law and investment markets.

When it comes to investments, you and your financial adviser do not have to work alone. Instead, you can turn to us for help and support. Our products give you access to the specialist expertise of our sister companies, Quilter Investors and Quilter Cheviot.

You can hold your portfolio in whichever Quilter International product provides the most appropriate benefits and features to match your investment goals.

Investment solutions

Discretionary asset management

Our portfolio bond products also allow the day-to-day management and building of portfolios to be outsourced to a discretionary asset manager.

There are many discretionary asset managers available, so you and your financial adviser can use the one that’s most suitable for you. Our sister company, Quilter Cheviot, is one of UK’s largest discretionary investment management firms.

The latest fund information

If you already invest with Quilter International, you can find the latest information about our fund range, including the latest fund news, fund prices and factsheets.

Principles of investing

We’ll help you get to grips with the basics of investing with our e-Book.