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Investment-linked fund prices


  1. The following choices corresponding to underlying derivative funds are closed to new subscription and switch-in from 23 September 2020 onwards. The prices are displayed for reference by existing clients only:
    • QIN IM USD BlackRock Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond (ID 97937, 97938, 97939, 97940)
    • QIN IM USD BlackRock GF World Bond (ID 85154, 96727, 98032, 97657)
    • QIN IM GBP Fidelity Flexible Bond (ID 98097, 98098, 98099, 98100)
    • QIN IM USD Templeton Global Total Return (ID 97794, 97795, 97796, 97797)
    • QIN IM USD Ninety One GSF Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt (ID 97632, 97633, 97634, 97635)
  1. The following choices have been closed to any switching and subscription since 1 March 2022 due to underlying fund suspension as arisen by the current situation at Ukraine and Russia. Relevant existing holdings are not shown at the statement during the suspension period but will be reinstated once the suspension of the underlying funds is lifted. Any future regular contributions designated to those choices will be redirected to the default money-market fund choice instead.
    • QIN IM USD Baring Eastern Europe (ID 85130, 96432, 98051, 96289)
    • QIN IM EUR BNP Paribas Russia Equity (ID 97291 – 97294)
    • QIN IM USD HSBC GIF Russia Equity (ID 97580 – 97583)

Investment-linked fund prices

Notes of administration:

  • Quilter International may choose to offer an investment-linked fund in currency version(s) other than the base currency of the investment-linked fund as appropriate by repricing to other currency(ies) at prevailing market exchange rate. You can select the investment-linked fund only if a price in the same currency as that of your policy’s denomination currency is available.
  • Quilter International has the discretion to cease offering any investment-linked fund from time to time due to business and regulatory considerations.The investment-linked funds which have been ceased to be offered are listed in the Notice above.
  • Please ensure the investment-linked fund ID is provided in the switching form submitted. Quilter International rely on the ID in processing any switch request. When submitting your switch please use the latest switching form.
  • At times of termination and suspension of investment-linked funds, the default Money-market investment-linked fund will be used to redirect:
    • the existing holdings in (and where applicable, the future regular contributions allocated to) an investment-linked fund that has been terminated;
    • the future regular contributions allocated to an investment-linked that is being suspended.
    • The default Money-market investment-linked funds are (ID 87700) QIN IM GBP Ninety One GSF Sterling Money, (ID 86600) QIN IM HKD Fidelity US Dollar Cash, (ID 98561) QIN IM USD BlackRock GF US Dollar Reserve and (ID 98263) QIN IM EUR BlackRock GF Euro Reserve for policies denominated in GBP, HKD, USD and EUR respectively.