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Notes on investment linked fund prices

  • Certain underlying funds, although denominated in one currency, may hold assets which are priced in different currencies, The performance of the fund may, therefore, rise and fall purely as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • For certain funds, the underlying investment may be denominated in one currency but the Quilter International investment linked fund may be re-priced into a number of other currencies. Exchange rate movements will, therefore, affect the price of the re-priced funds when compared to the underlying investment. Policyholder investment will be subject to exchange rate fluctuation.
  • It should be noted that the performance of the Quilter International investment linked fund will not match that of the underlying investment due to Quilter International investment linked fund charges, appropriate taxation adjustments and the Quilter International investment process, Investment linked fund prices are for reference only. As it normally takes around two working days to process a request for a fund switch, the price on which the fund switch is finally executed may be different from the price shown currently.
  • Investment involves risk. for details of the product, including risk factors, fees and charges, please refer to the principal brochure.